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Hi! We’re Adam and Katie, also known as Ale Adventures.

We started blogging our way through Minnesota’s craft beer scene November of 2017. At the time we joked that our blog was just an excuse to post photos of all the beer we were drinking. But as we continued traveling, meeting people, hearing and sharing stories and — of course — drinking great (and at times awful) beer, we realized that our beer blog was becoming more than just a casual hobby.

Our goal through the first year was to visit every brewery and taproom in the state. But as we began to meet other local beer bloggers and social media influencers, we realized that there were plenty of others doing what we were already doing and that we didn’t want to be just another beer blog. Rather, we wanted to be different, unique and niche. So we changed our motto to “Not Your Average Beer Blog” and our mission to be the best story-tellers and advocates for the Minnesota craft beer scene as we could be.

Our adventures do, at times, take us beyond Minnesota. We’ve visited breweries in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota and a number of European countries including Iceland, Ireland, England and France.

Whether you appreciate craft beer or just good stories, we invite you to follow along with us here on Instagram and on Facebook as we tell stories, build community, advocate for craft beer and inspire you to do the same!

Adam & Katie
Ale Adventures