16 Minnesota Breweries Located on or Near Water

If there’s one thing Minnesotans enjoy as much as drinking local craft beer, it’s being on or near the water. In fact, if we can drink our local craft beer on the water, well, it really doesn’t get much better than that!

So, with summer fast approaching (and summer-like temps already here), we thought we’d put together a list of all the Minnesota breweries we know of located on or near water:

Outstate Brewing Co.

Located on the Otter Tail River in Fergus Falls, Outstate Brewing Co. offers fantastic views all year long no matter the season!

2. Fergus Brewing Co.

Also located on the Otter Tail River, Fergus Brewing Co. — named after the city it resides in — also offers fantastic views from both the taproom and back deck.

3. Moose Lake Brewing Co.

Located just across the street from Moosehead Lake, Moose Lake Brewing in Moose Lake, MN feels close enough to the water to count.

4. Birch’s on the Lake Brewhouse & Supperclub

You couldn’t ask for better lake views or access than the ones found at Birch’s on the Lake in Long Lake, MN!

5. Back Channel Brewing Co.

Tucked away a bit, Back Channel Brewing doesn’t offer great water views, though it does have access to those coming from the water.

6. Goat Ridge Brewing Co.

For water views and access, it doesn’t get quainter than Goat Ridge Brewing on the Middle Fork Crow River in New London!

7. Read’s Landing Brewing Co.

Located just across the street from the Mississippi, river views don’t get much better than the ones at Read’s Landing!

8. Island City Brewing Co.

While not technically located on the Mississippi River, Island City Brewing is within visible seeing and walking distance of it.

9. Hayes’ Public House

Located across the street from Buffalo Lake in Buffalo, MN Hayes’ Public House offers fantastic views and a great breeze off the lake from the rooftop patio.

10. Loony’s Brew

Located on the shores of Sand Bay on Rainy Lake, Loony’s Brews boasts fresh brewed craft beer with a great view.

11. Hoppy Girl Brewing aka Turning Waters Back Alley Brewing Co.

Hoppy Girl Brewing is the first brewpub in Wabasha, MN — not to be confused with Wabasha Brewing on Wabasha Street in St. Paul. Located three blocks from the Mississippi River, Hoppy Girl is too far to be located on the water and doesn’t offer a much of a view of it. But, we decided to include it in our list anyway.

12. Spiral Brewery

Like others, Spiral Brewery in Hastings, MN isn’t on the water but sits downtown about a block away. You won’t find a great view here, but it is within walking distance of the Mississippi.

13. Lakeside Tavern & Brewery

Located on the corner of W Lake and Lake Ave in Detroit Lakes, Lakeside Tavern & Brewery offers a stunning panoramic view of Detroit Lake!

14. Voyageur Brewing Company

Located just inland of Lake Superior, Voyageur Brewing Company sits high enough to offer a beautiful view of the lake, especially from its rooftop patio!

15. Canal Park Brewing Company

While you aren’t quite close enough to dip your toes in Lake Superior from Canal Park Brewing in Duluth, you can certainly see and walk to the water easily enough!

16. Maple Island Brewing

Like other breweries along the Mississippi River, Maple Island Brewing in Stillwater isn’t located on the water itself. It’s close, though — close enough to see it and walk to it before or after enjoying a cold one on the patio!

These are the Minnesota breweries we know of located on or near water. Did we miss any you have been to or can think of?

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