Surly Brewing Co. Announces “Dumpster Fire” Beer to End Dumpster Fire Year

This past week, Surly Brewing Co. announced the return of a beer they never thought they’d brew again — Dumpster Fire.

Back in 2017, Surly first released a beer called Dumpster Fire after a literal dumpster fire started in their parking lot. “Long story short: someone emptied their charcoal grill into a dumpster at Darkness Day,” they shared in a statement. They never thought they’d have reason to brew that beer again…until this year.

“As 2020’s metaphorical Dumpster Fire rages out of control, we’re making the best of this mess,” they went on to say. While the first version was a literally smoked brett IPA brewed with puya chilies, this year’s is more subtle — a DDH hazy double IPA, featuring a bill of Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic, and experimental hops. “Think of it as a special holiday thank you to our fans for sticking with us through the longest year in Minnesota history.”

Look for Dumpster Fire 2020 in four-packs around the greater Twin Cities metro area now.

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