Get a Free “Drink Local Craft Beer” Shirt from Shirts on Tap!

If you’ve been following us over the past year or two, you know that we’re big fans of Shirts on Tap.

Last December, Shirts on Tap made our list of “4 Craft Beer-related Christmas Gifts to Treat Yourself to This Holiday Season,” and earlier that year we featured the craft beer apparel brand in our list of “6 Awesome Beer-Brands and Products We Love.” Our wardrobe has slowly but surely been replaced by the cool and cozy custom-designed tees, tanktops, baseball tees and long-sleeve shirts of the beer-lover’s box club.

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If you saw our IG stories this past weekend, you know we got away to Duluth/Superior for the 4th of July and a much-needed social distancing (of the travel sort). . . We spent three full days hiking, kayaking, flying, revisiting favorite breweries and checking out some we hadn’t made it to before. . . @earthriderbeer was one of those breweries we revisited. Last time we came up to the North Shore was fall of 2018, when the temps were getting cooler and COVID-19 wasn’t even a thing. We visited Earth Rider’s Cedar Lounge taproom and weren’t terribly overwhelmed. We weren’t underwhelmed — the staff was friendly, the taproom felt warm enough and the beer was ok — but nothing really stuck out to us. In the year and a half since then, however, we’ve continued to hear people rave about Earth Rider. So on Friday night — the night before 4th of July — we joined some friends at Earth Rider’s outdoor beer garden for a free @charlie.parr concert and drinks. We were SO impressed! It was like a completely different experience than the last time we’d come through! There was something about sitting outdoors on a blanket, enjoying the folk-style music, sipping on absolutely delicious beers as the breeze off the lake cooked us down that just put us at complete peace. We genuinely felt like we’d found a happy place. We ended up coming back twice more over the next three days. Every time we felt like we needed a break from racing around the Twin Ports or in the mood for a really, REALLY good beer, we’d decide to visit Earth Rider again. . . We’ve never been ones to write a place off after a first visit, good or bad. And we’re so glad for it. Earth Rider just shot to the top of favorite, must-visits whenever we’re in Duluth/Superior again. . . By the way, the beers we’re sipping in these photos are the Raspbecrush Tart Wheat Ale and Caribbean Lager. These two were probably our favorite beers of the entire trip, so much so we brought cans and crowlers of each home with us. The Blackbecrush (blackberry) and coffee pale ale were also phenomenal and a couple more favorites worth mentioning. . . Also also, we dove into TikTok over the weekend and are big fans! Follow us there for more!

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In short, we’re fans of Shirts on Tap, and we think you will be, too, which is why we want you to know that now through December 31 Shirts on Tap is offering you a FREE “Drink Local Craft Beer” shirt when you subscribe!

Shirts on Tap’s subscription plan is totally customizable — from the city the shirt’s brewery comes from to the shirt size and style to the placement of the logo — meaning each month’s shirt can be totally different! You can also choose if you want a 3-month subscription, 6-month subscription, 12-month subscription or just go month-to-month! Besides the shirt you picked, each month’s box also comes with special member perks for and information about that month’s brewery.

We’ve genuinely loved our Shirts on Tap subscriptions. Whenever we discover a box in the mail, it feels like Christmas came early as we open it up. We’ve been asked on multiple occasions about shirts we’ve worn out in public and the breweries featured on them. When we visited Chicago, we utilized our member perks at several breweries we’d collected shirts from. We have nothing but high praise for Shirts on Tap and really think you’ll love the box subscription, too. So what do you think — ready to give it a try?

Click here to start your own Shirts on Tap subscription and get your FREE “Drink Local Craft Beer” shirt!

– Adam & Katie, Ale Adventures

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