Minnesota’s Aegir Brewing Co. Announces Move, Expansion

While doing their weekly Facebook Live bit “Tipsy Talk,” the brothers/co-owners revealed big plans for the future of Elk River’s only brewery.

Sunday afternoon August 16, brothers and co-owners of Aegir Brewing Co. Tim and Jeremy Jones announced plans to move their downtown brewery and taproom into a larger space.

“Our new backdrop,” started Tim after a few minutes of beer talk and joking about Jeremy’s new haircut, “is a small portion of what will be the new Aegir [pronounced AH-year].”

“Yeah,” confirmed Jeremy, “we are in a future…probably…private event room,” referring to the space they were filming from.

“We were able to purchase the entire building where we are brewing the beer,” continued Tim. “So, the warehouse [is] still in Elk River…we’re not moving.”

The brothers have been renting a portion of a 9,000 square foot warehouse/office space for the past several months in order to allow head-brewer Jeremy more brewing space and provide a little extra indoor seating in their already small taproom in downtown Elk River. That move will take some time, however.

“We are not sure what we’re going to do with the [original taproom],” says Jeremy, “and it’ll still be open for now until we’re over here. And then we might hang onto it and do something there with that cause it’s kinda special to us…but for right now, we’re focusing on getting this place going as quick as we can.”

Aegir Brewing Co.’s original taproom in downtown Elk River, MN
Photo Credit: Ale Adventures

In the meantime the brothers are working on preparing the new space to become home to production, taproom and more, though they admit they don’t expect it to happen all at once.

“We’ll probably open up with a portion of the building open,” says Jeremy, “and continue work on the rest so that we can move here at a sooner date than if we’d finished the whole thing…”

“We’re aiming for some date in the winter,” finishes Tim. The building’s total square footage is 9,000 square feet, a huge difference from the current taproom’s approximately 1,100 square feet. Allowing for the current brewing space, they hope to have some 7,000 square feet for taproom, bathrooms, event space and more. The location also comes with plenty of outdoor property, which the brothers already have parking and patio plans for.

“You’re not gonna have to back all the way out around cars that don’t know how to park,” Tim jokes about the parking in downtown Elk River. “Well, actually, that might still happen…”

“…but we’ll know where to go to find the car, instead of trying to figure out where [the driver is] downtown!” Jeremy laughs.

Besides the convenience and new opportunities of the new space, they also look forward to being able to expand brewing equipment and keep up with demand.

“We’re looking at bigger fermenters,” shares Tim, “so Jeremy should be putting out more beers, should be able to double-batch the Aegir [IPA] and the [Shield Maidens] Blonde…which would make it so maybe we can do some more rotationals as well.” With the future plans revealed, the brothers are now extending an open invite to anyone who may want to volunteer their time and skills.

“We want to do ‘work days,’ possibly” says Jeremy, “where if you want to come help us paint or hang lights or whatever it might be…we might have a work day where we split up into a few different tasks.” Just days after making the announcement they reached out on social media to crowd-source for an exterior painter and received multiple suggestions and offers from fans.

Watch for more news and updates from Aegir Brewing Co. on Facebook and Instagram. Read about their first ever collaboration with Aegir Brugghus in Iceland here.

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