Minnesota’s Third Street Brewhouse Launches Golden Ticket Contest

Third Street Brewhouse in Cold Spring, Minnesota is pulling a play straight from Willy Wonka’s playbook with a golden ticket contest of their own.

“Our Minnesota Golden Ticket Contest is live!” the craft beer division of Carolina Beverage Group, LLC posted on their Facebook page August 17. “Select 16 oz. 12 packs of Minnesota Gold have Minnesota Golden Tickets inside – so cross your fingers, and hope you strike gold!”

Anyone who finds a golden ticket in their 12-pack of 16oz Minnesota Gold instantly wins a Third Street Brewhouse prize pack; they’re also entered into the Grand Prize drawing to win a cooler and bluetooth speakers or combination cooler with bluetooth speakers.

Third Street Brewhouse via Facebook

Minnesota Gold is Third Street Brewhouse’s Classic American Lager available year-round in 12-oz 24 packs and 16-oz 12 packs. With a 4.9% ABV and 15 IBU suggested pairings include: “herbed chicken, light seafood, salmon, burgers & hot dogs, mild cheeses, lemon based desserts.” The beer’s official description reads:

We are Minnesota, Land of 10,000 lakes. If we’ve got anything up here, it’s water. And we like our water. But more than that… we like to see our water put to good use. That’s why our brewers made Minnesota Gold, to see real Minnesota water brewed into a classic, premium quality lager. So please, go ahead and crack open a can. Here in your hands is a clean taste of Minnesota, from us to you.

Earlier this summer, Third Street Brewhouse also announced a new 88-calorie Light American Lager Minnesota Gold Micro to accompany the Minnesota Gold and Minnesota Gold Light lines. The Minnesota Golden Ticket contest only applies, however, to 16oz 12 packs of Minnesota Gold Lager.

Look for Third Street Brewhouse’s Minnesota Golden Lager available near you here and follow along with Third Street Brewing for more updates and contests here.

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