Podcast: Talking Social Media, Building a Brand, Beer and More with Brew Chat

We recently had the opportunity to guest feature on our friends’ podcast Brew Chat.

Fellow creatives and craft beer enthusiasts, we first connected with Brady Lindquist (@bradysbrews) and Holli Kern (@holliroseart) a year ago through social media; we all shared a great deal of mutual respect for each other’s creative projects and work. After getting to know each other, we found that we had much more in common than just an appreciation for craft beer and art, and it didn’t take long before a real friendship formed.

Brady and Holli — along with Brady’s cousin Blake Piipke — are hosts of a podcast called Brew Chat where they talk — and drink — craft beer, often with guests from Minnesota’s impressive craft beer community. Earlier this year, they invited us to join them for a Brew Chat podcast, and — after finally getting our schedules to align — we were able to join them at their recording location in Central Minnesota.

We’ve guest featured on a couple other podcasts before, but this one may have been our most rich, raw and real yet. Over the course of three hours, we discussed everything from our favorite craft beer and taprooms to building a brand, the responsibilities of being a social influencer to the potential (and hilarity) of TikTok, tattoos to the murder of George Floyd and the local community’s response. We got silly, serious and everything in-between. We highly recommend listening through the entire podcast.

Year 1 Review Roundtable Brew Chat Podcast

Celebrating 1 year of Brew Chat! Features our friends Jesse and Rachael Alger (@algerbeerventures), Sean Spencer (@banksbrews), Blake Piipke (@blakepiipke), Jason Ehrreich (@jasonsjourney.mn), Abi Conner (@the_mn_hopportunity), Holli Kern (@holliroseart) and Katie and Adam Rozanas (@aleadventuresmn)
  1. Year 1 Review Roundtable
  2. 25. Abi Conner – An Advocate for Change
  3. 24. Craft Beer Adjacent: Wizards & Relics with Michael Bregel
  4. 23. Advocating for Craft Beer and Community with Delights of Fare – Julie McMullen
  5. 22. Jesse Hauf, Owner of 10k Brewing

Check out more from Brew Chat here and be sure to follow Brew Chat, Brady and Holli on Instagram.

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