Instagram Answers: “If You Could Only Drink One Style of Beer for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?”

Just for fun, we asked our Instagram followers:

“If you could only drink one style of beer for the rest of your life — for whatever strange reason — what style would it be?”

Now, we’re not here to get into the semantics of what exactly “style” means, like this guy who went all technical on us:

We’re just here to share people’s answers which were as varied and…well, thoughtful… as you might expect. Like these dudes, who apparently have very low standards about what they spend the rest of their lives drinking:

Then you’ve got this guy who put significantly more thought into his answer than we’d intended…

…and this guy who has a very particular taste.

As it turns out, Ale was the most popular style — IPA to be specific. Pilsner was the second most-voted, followed by sours then stouts/porters. There was also a fair representation from non-craft beer drinkers:

All things considered, though, it was a fun, provocative question that generated a fair amount of response within 24 hours.

Check out the tallied results below:

IPA/Pale Ale – 15
Pilsner – 11
Sours – 6
Stout/Porter – 5
Saison – 4
Amber/Red – 3
Belgian Ale – 3
Brown Ale – 3
Milkshake IPA – 3
DIPA – 2
NE IPA – 2
Hazy IPA – 2
Hefeweizen – 2
Barrel Aged – 2
Ales – 1
Blonde Ale – 1
West Coast IPA – 1
Lambics – 1
Witbier – 1
Lager – 1
Octoberfest – 1
Barleywine – 1
Shandy – 1
Kolsch – 1
Festbier – 1

So, if you could only drink one style of beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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