5 Reasons Hop Passport is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is almost here!

That one day each year when we let the dads in our lives know how much we love and appreciate them is on the way. But if you’re like us, finding the perfect gift can be stressful or, at the very least, challenging particularly if your dad — like ours — doesn’t want much more than what he already has!

So what do you gift a dad who’s already got everything he wants? A Hop Passport!

Read on for five reasons why Hop Passport is the perfect gift for the dad in your life this Father’s Day!

1. Free Beer!

Dad works hard! He deserves a drink…or two!

Hop Passport is a BOGO (Buy One Get One free) brewery passport program. Every time your dad visits a featured brewery in his passport, all he has to do is show the associated passport page, get it stamped and — salut! — two drinks for the price of one! What’s not to love about free beer?

How many breweries are featured in the Hop Passport anyway?

Well, that depends on the state. Currently there are 11 passports covering 14 states including AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IA, MI, MN, MO, NY, OR, TN, WA and WI. The Minnesota Hop Passport, for instance, features 68 Minnesota breweries plus some out-of-state bonus ones for a total of nearly 80!

That’s a lot of free beer!

2. It’s Affordable

Dad may be priceless, but he doesn’t have to be expensive!

Hop Passports range from just $15-$30 depending on state(s). And — for a limited time — if you use promo code FDAY at checkout you’ll get an additional $10 off any purchase (you can also use our promo code ALEADVENTURES at any time for $5 off any purchase; only one promo code per purchase)!

With hundreds of dollars worth of savings in each passport, the real question is — did you really only spend $25 on dad this year?

3. Your Gift Gives Back

Hop Passport is serious about giving back to and making a tangible impact in the local community.

One of the ways Hop Passport does that is by promoting a balanced lifestyle through its running series.

To date, Hop Passport has sponsored five different 5k running series in Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Washington and even Hawaii! Of course, there’s a free beer waiting at the end of the race, so running is really a win-win situation no matter what place you come in!

Another way Hop Passport gives back is through its effort to save the bees!

Believe it or not, bees are vital to great craft beer! While they don’t pollinate any of the essential ingredients of beer, they do pollinate a variety of fruits, vegetables and other ingredients that can be added to beer. Unfortunately, because of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, the bee population is dying off at an alarming rate.

Hop Passport is giving back to beekeepers in every state Hop Passport is available in by providing hives. The average hive houses 10,000 to 60,000 bees, meaning Hop Passport is helping increase the bee population by as much as 840,000 bees a year! Your Hop Passport purchase this Father’s Day helps make that possible!

4. You Can Buy Online

Did we mention shopping for others stresses us out? We prefer to shop online, and Hop Passport makes that really simple!

Just find the passport(s) you want, add it to your cart, check out and — BOOM! — you’re done, and dad’s gift is on its way!

5. The Community is Pretty Fantastic, Too

If your dad is the type to keep to himself and enjoy his beer in peace and quiet, that’s cool.

But Hop Passport is just as much about promoting community as it is great craft beer! Five of the 14 states Hop Passport can be found in (AZ, CO, GA, MN and TN) all have their own “Brew Buddies” Facebook Groups. The members regularly meet up for casual drinks, events and activities; some even run in the Running Series together!

Hop Passport brings people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds together over one commonality — great craft beer. Who knows, your dad may just fit right in!

For a Father’s Day gift that’s affordable, includes free beer, can be purchased online, gives back and includes an awesome community Hop Passport is as close to perfect as you’ll get!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the website and do some shopping!

Ale Adventures
Credit: Chuck P

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