We Upped our Beer Blog Game with JORD Watches, and You Could, too!

Have you ever noticed the relationship between beer and time?

We tend to meet people at a certain place and time for a drink. Brewers allow their beer to ferment for a certain period of time. Breweries tap new releases on a certain day at a certain time. We quip witty beer-time words and phrases like “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” “Beer-thirty” and “I only drink on days that end in ‘y.'” There’s certainly a unique relationship between beer and time. 

So when JORD Original Wood Watches reached out with an offer to collaborate, we thought “Why not?!”

Ale Adventures

For us, it’s about quality.

As beer bloggers, we appreciate great quality — of beer selection and taste, taproom experience, bar service. If we’re impressed by the quality of something, we rave about it; if we’re not, we move on and find something more worth our time and effort. JORD is an excellent brand with an excellent product. Their hand-crafted wood timepieces are beautiful, unique, raw and refined. They make us look — or, at the very least, feel — like qualified beer bloggers!

Ale Adventures

For us, it’s about variety.

One of the things we look for when we visit a brewery is a variety of beer styles and flavors to choose from. We appreciate diversity and the adventure of trying new things. JORD offers an impressive variety of watch styles and customization options. With nine styles currently available for men, seven for women and a total of 53+ watches between the two, there’s certainly something for everyone.

Ale Adventures

For us, it’s about simplicity.

While we’re always eager to try a complex coconut vanilla milk stout or super hazy pineapple milkshake IPA, sometimes we just want a simple, classic lager or pilsner. Personally, we both loved the minimalist style of the Frankie watch series, leading Katie to choose the contrasting Ebony & Gold and Adam the lighter Koa & Ash.

Ale Adventures

For us, it’s about the personal touch.

Some of our favorite taprooms are unique for their personal touches and character reflective of the city or region they’re in, the brewery name or the people there. We love details like the constellations burned into the tables at Ursa Minor Brewing or the nods to the auto industry at Pantown Brewing. We love the warm living-room feel of Haye’s Public House and how we’re known there by name even if its been months since we stopped in last.

JORD offers a personal touch with a variety of customize-able options. For instance, we ordered our watches to include the phrase “It Is Well With My Soul” engraved into the backplate. All Cedar humidor presentation boxes are also engrave-able. Watches may be sized for the recipient, and faces and woods can all be mixed and matched as requested! Every watch comes with a one-year warranty and options for return and exchange, and free standard shipping is available worldwide!

Ale Adventures

For us, sharing really is caring.

As beer bloggers, some of our favorite memories are the experiences shared with others — taking Adam’s South African friend to his first American brewery; guest pouring at the local Irish pub; hosting Instameets and making new friends.

JORD thinks sharing is caring, too, and so together we’re giving away $100 towards any watch in JORD’s collection! For your chance to win, fill out the super simple form at the link below, then cross your fingers and hope your name is chosen!

Everyone who enters the drawing will also receive a guaranteed 10% off gift code towards any watch as well as early access to holiday discounts!

So what are you waiting for? Enter the drawing for your JORD Original Wood Watch here!

(Hint: for the greatest selection of watches to choose from, don’t select a gender at the entry form)

Link closes and contest ends March 11, 2019. Winner will be notified by JORD.

Wooden Wrist Watch //www.jordwatches.com/widget-article/aleadventuresmn

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