3 Tried and True, Ale Adventures-Approved Hangover Cures

You know that feeling — the foggy head, pounding migraine and bloated gut the morning after, reminding you of all the fun you had out drinking the night before.

We’ve been there before, too; it sucks.

Then again, maybe it is good to feel that way every now and then, just to remind ourselves how awful it feels and to serve as a cautionary reminder for next time.

Of course, there are countless supposed “hangover cures” — water, caffeine, tomato juice, a bagel with cream cheese (?), greasy fast food, exercise, sleep, supplements and — go figure — having another drink the next morning.

As 2019 rages on, we are focusing on responsible drinking and treating our bodies well. Sometimes we “feel it” the next morning after only 1 drink the night before – which can happen for any number of reasons.

We’re not here to say what works and what doesn’t work with certainty, but here are a few things — in no particular order — that seem to work for us:

1. DrinkAde

Ale Adventures

To be honest, we weren’t familiar with DrinkAde until just a couple weeks ago, though the fact that it would make our list speaks to its effectiveness.

With two separate products — a preventative drink (red) and a recovery drink (blue) — DrinkAde markets itself with “Celebrate and Feel Great.”

The Prevention DrinkAde (above) is a limeade-flavored formula that drinks easy. Available in 3.4oz bottles, you can down it in just a few gulps. Low calorie (5 per serving), sugar free and gluten free, it’s also loaded with Vitamin B, Potassium, Electrolytes, Milk Thistle, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera, and Gotu Kola. A single purchase will cost you $24.99 for a six-pack or you can subscribe and save 20% for $19.99. 12-packs, 24-packs and other combination packs are also available.

The Boost DrinkAde (above) is basically like the Prevention except for its berry flavor, 189mg of caffeine from Coffee aribica beans and extra B12. We found this one more difficult to drink than the Limeade. Whether it was the flavor or added elements, we’re not sure, but went down more like a shot of hard liquor. Then again, if that’s all it takes to kick that awful morning-after feeling, then it’s probably well worth it. Costs and available packages are the same as Prevention.

The taste of Boost aside, we were incredibly impressed by DrinkAde! We loved that we woke up the next morning feeling no signs of a hangover whatsoever (especially considering we expected one after this particular night out)! No fogginess or headaches whatsoever. We definitely “felt great after celebrating” thanks to DrinkAde!

2. Propel

We both a lot drink water. Staying hydrated is important to us, and our 26oz water bottles are never far from reach.

That said, Adam didn’t always enjoy drinking water and early on would buy packets of Propel powder to mix into his bottle or glass of water. It made staying hydrated easy, and — with flavors like grape, berry, lemon, raspberry lemonade and kiwi-watermelon and priced at just $1.98 a box (at Walmart, anyways…our Target stopped selling them for some reason) — it’s easily affordable! Now, if you’re looking for a sure fix, we wouldn’t necessarily say that Propel is as effective as, say, DrinkAde. But a glass of this before going to bed seems to curb any morning-after effects for us more often than not.

In case you’re into nutrition facts, here’s the breakdown on Propel’s:

Calories 0
Vit E 5.4mg 35%
Total Fat 0%
Vit B6 1mg 60%
Sodium 210mg 9%
Vit C 24mg 25%
Total Carb. 0%
Niacin 10mg 60%
Total Sugars 0%
Vit B12 .5mg 20%
Protein 0g
Potas 65mg 0%
Pantothenic Acid 5mg 100%

3. Revitalyte

Somewhere between Propel and DrinkAde we’d put Revitalyte.

Created and distributed right here in Minnesota by a couple U of M grads, Revitalyte is marketed for both athletes and hangovers. “Designed with an optimal level of sodi‍‍‍um and glucose,” the website says, Revitalyte claims “proven to rehydrate better than sports drinks, water, juice and soda.”

As far as taste, this one is the hardest of them all. We thought the mixed fruit flavor tasted a lot like cough syrup. At a full liter, this will certainly help keep you hydrated, though they do suggest only drinking half before you go to bed (after a night drinking, of course) and half the next morning.

If you can tolerate the taste, Revitalyte’s convenience is that you can find it in select liquor stores around Minnesota, thereby saving you a second trip to a pharmacy for Pedialyte. Though at $4.99 a liter, it’s not exactly nickels and dimes.

All in all, our breakdown is: if you’re looking for a quick-fix and cost isn’t an issue, DrinkAde is probably for you. For affordable and tasty, we recommend Propel. And if you value convenience over taste or cost, grab a bottle of Revitalyte.

Again, this is only our opinion, and results may vary. What have you found that seems to work for you?

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