Pryes Brewing Company’s Lost Moon is Outta This World Good

“Is this the season for bottle releases?” Katie asked recently.

To be honest, we really don’t know if there are bottle release seasons. But it sure seems like everyone and their mom is releasing a bottle of some dark, delicious beer! Not that we’re complaining, mind you. Pryes Brewing Company in NE Minneapolis is one of those breweries, recently making their Lost Moon Russian Imperial Stout and Lost Moon Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout available in bottles and on tap.

Ale Adventures

We opened both bottles at the same time to compare, beginning with the non-barrel-aged Lost Moon. Coming in at 12.8% ABV, we thought this one felt like a swift kick to the mouth…until we tried the barrel-aged. Though potent, we could detect the smooth quality, rich chocolaty taste and notes of dark fruit and — after a few more sips — actually came to really enjoy this one.

The barrel-aged is much like the former save for the even boozier 14.6% ABV that had us puckering our lips and gasping for air (alright, maybe a little melodramatic with the writing here, but you get the point). While we appreciate a good barrel-aged beer, we found this one just a bit too strong for our taste, preferring the decidedly smoother original.

Still, we appreciate that Pryes made both Lost Moons available and highly recommend grabbing a bottle of each — or trying both in the taproom — if nothing else for the sake of comparing for yourself!

Ale Adventures, Adam & Katie

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