Party Time! Pryes Brewing Releases Cans

Pryes Brewing in Northeast Minneapolis has been one of our favorite Minnesota breweries for nearly as long as we’ve been beer blogging.

Ale Adventures

Back when we lived in NE, Pryes was one of the closest breweries to us, and we’d frequent often. Not only do they have great beer (we’ll get back to that), they’ve also got a super warm, artsy and unique taproom — the kind of place you wanna hang out whether with friends or just solo to work.

Ale Adventures

We definitely found ourselves at Pryes on a cold January night drinking beer, romanticizing about a summer Europe trip and then committing to it and booking plane tickets (note: we wouldn’t necessarily advise booking flights over drinks…mistakes can be costly!).

Ale Adventures

In any case, Pryes is a solid NE brewery close to our hearts that’s about to be a little closer still to fans in the metro with their very own canned beers! Cans of their two best-sellers — Miraculum Midwest IPA and Royal Raspberry Sour — will officially be available at liquor stores around the Twin Cities November 5.

To celebrate, they threw a can release party in their brewing space and invited a bunch of bloggers, influencers, foodies and other members of the local craft beer scene. Tall boys of both the Miraculum Midwest IPA and Royal Raspberry Sour were available just about everywhere you looked, platters of food offered snacks, and music pumped. Wristbands gave us access to free beer in the taproom, and when the party finally ended they sent us home with double four-packs of the Miraculum and Raspberry sour, Pryes-engraved drinking glasses and free-beer tokens for our next visit in. The folks at Pryes Brewing were more than hospitable and generous, to say the least.

One of our highlights of the night was finally meeting in person other bloggers, social media influencers and members of Minnesota’s craft beer scene who we’ve only ever interacted with online — people like @erins_table, @mnbeerwoman,, @danny_runsforbeer, @delightsoffare, and @johnweirick. It was fun to put faces to instagram handles, and we really left feeling like we’d made new friends. It’s incredible how warm and friendly the craft beer scene really is!

As we were leaving, Katie approached Pryes head brewer Jeremy Pryes and awkwardly thanked him for having us out: “We’re so blessed to be here!” Blessed or not, we had a blast!

Ale Adventures

Keep an eye out for Pryes Brewing’s Miraculum Midwest IPA and Royal Raspberry Sour in cans around the Twin Cities! You can find out where they’re specifically available here.

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