Beer Review: FairState Brewing’s “Feeling Good, Louis” Brut IPA

What do Eddie Murphy and a Minnesota brewery have in common? A brut fruit IPA, that’s what!

We recently partnered with Running Tap to provide blog content for their website.

Running Tap is the first craft beer delivery service in Minneapolis, and the concept is simple — place an order for craft beer from any of the (currently) 18 breweries Running Tap works with in the Cities, and they’ll pick it up fresh from the taproom and deliver it straight to your door (if you’re within the metro area).

Shortly after teaming up, Isaac — co-founder and CEO of Running Tap — reached out to say Fair State Brewing Coop in NorthEast Minneapolis had a new beer that they’d only be offering in the taproom and through Running Tap. Would we like to try? he asked.


“Feeling Good, Louis” is a brut fruit IPA brewed with wheat, Crystal and El Dorado hops, and “boatloads” of Kiwi fruit.

Ale Adventures

It initially struck us as a sour, though by style it’s technically not. “Brut,” we learned, means dry and finds its derivative from champagne. As The Takeout puts it, a brut IPA is “pale, it’s bone dry, it’s highly effervescent. In short, it’s as close to champagne as an IPA can get.”

Ale Adventures

We also learned that the name “Feeling Good, Louis” is a nod to the 1983 film Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd (admittedly, we felt a little silly when the beertender told us, and we just sat there dumbly, unfamiliar with the movie. As beer “connoisseurs” of some credibility, we’ve since agreed we’re duly obligated to watch it for ourselves). What we were told, however, is that at the end of the movie, Murphy’s character is relaxing on the beach with a beautiful woman by his side and (presumably) a glass of champagne in his hand. Aykroyd’s character — in a boat just off-shore — lifts his own glass and calls out, “Looking good, Billy Ray!” Murphy’s character raises his glass and replies, “Feeling good, Louis!”

Fair State’s reputation for great beer precedes them, and this one’s no exception. At 6 ABV and 20 IBU, we found “Feeling Good, Louis” to be enjoyable and worth a trip to the taproom. Or, put in an order through Running Tap and sip along as you watch Trading Places.

Ale Adventures 

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