We Threw an Instameet!

From the beginning, Ale Adventures has been about relationships. And beer. But also relationships.

Over the past six months that we’ve been blogging our way through Minnesota’s craft beer scene we’ve met some wonderful people. From brewers to taproom managers, fellow beer bloggers to casual drinkers, we loved meeting people we shared something in common with — an appreciation for great craft beer! But for every one person we met in a taproom, we’d meet or engage with another five over social media. Minnesota, we found, had as much a thriving community of craft beer enthusiasts online as it did offline! We’d like photos, swap comments, and DM back and forth about favorite beers or breweries. But it was always just a matter of time before the inevitable happened — we met these people in person. We recently decided it was time to make that happen.

Ale Adventures

Back when Adam lived in Oklahoma, he discovered a group of fellow photographers and models who would meet up once or twice a month, shoot together and usually get food or drinks afterwards. They called these events “Instameets,” presumably because the meet-ups were often made up of people who met and interacted over Instagram. The meet-ups were a great opportunity to meet people who had something in common and have fun over a shared interest.

“Why can’t we host an Instameet for craft beer bloggers, social media influencers and enthusiasts around Minnesota?” Adam wondered about a month ago. We didn’t know anyone else hosting events — at least by the name Instameet — so we decided to host one ourselves.

We chose a date, reached out to a contact at Utepils Brewing in Minneapolis who secured reservations and drink discounts for us, and sent out invites. With this being our first Instameet — and being unsure how it would go — we were selective with our invites, inviting primarily social media influencers with some clout and online following. Should our first instameet go well, we hoped, their support would help us with future meets.


Ale Adventures
Ale Adventures

The actual turnout was quite a bit smaller than we’d anticipated. Art-a-Whirl — a large arts and music festival in Minneapolis — happened to be the same weekend, and pulled away a number of people who’d originally said they’d attend. Others got distracted, ill or just forgot in the month since we’d first invited them. Still, the meet-up itself went really well, and we enjoyed meeting other beer bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and photographers who we’d only interacted with through Instagram til that point.

Ale Adventures
Ale Adventures
Ale Adventures

When it was all said and done, those who’d attended said they’d definitely attend another one, and others who didn’t or couldn’t make it said they’d love to attend one in the future.

Ale Adventures

Overall, we consider our first Instameet a success and look forward to hosting more!

Have you ever hosted an Instameet or similar event? What made your event successful (or a flop)? 

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