7 Minnesota Beers You Should Totally Try on National Beer Day (April 7)

Walking into the beer section of any Minnesota liquor store can be overwhelming!

With 150-some craft breweries around the state, there’s no shortage of great craft beer to choose from.

So, with National Beer Day coming up (Saturday, April 7), we thought we’d put together a list of seven MN beers you should totally try:

1. Beaver Island Brewing – Sweet Mississippi

As far as stouts go, Beaver Island Brewing’s Sweet Miss is near-perfect — thick, rich, smooth and malty with noticeable hints of chocolate, this easy-drinking stout is one of our favorites!


2. Copper Trail — Blueberry Indigo Wheat

This beer is the fruit beer you didn’t know you needed — a perfect balance of honey-wheat and blueberries. The wheat is detectable but softened by honey, and the blueberries definitely stand out without being overbearing. We’re definitely a fan.

3. Insight Brewing — Banshee Cutter

Insight Brewing’s Coffee Golden Ale is hands down the best coffee-beer we’ve had. While some (most?) of the coffee beers we’ve had have been heavy on the coffee flavor, this one is perfectly balanced — clearly coffee-infused but still light, sweet and creamy enough that you could definitely do a second one.

4. Inbound Brewing Company — Imperial Saison

Inbound Brewing’s Imperial Saison has been and will always be a favorite of ours. It’s the beer Adam credits as “the first beer” he ever liked. Full of warm flavors like pear, pineapple, spicy melon and cloves, earthy and yet bright, this one is a treat for the tastebuds.

5. Bent Paddle — Extra Special Amber Ale

Bent Paddle’s Amber Ale got it right — the right amount of balance between malty and hoppy. Slightly toasted malts with hints of pine and citrus make this take on the British Ale an easy, pleasant drink. Besides that, it’s award-winning. What more could you want?

6. Modist Brewing — Shook Pineapple Milkshake IPA

If a pineapple and beer had a baby, it would be Modist’s Shook. That’s kind of a dumb analogy, ’cause Shook is literally a pineapple IPA. But we can’t think of a better way to describe one of the best combinations of two of our favorite food groups (yes, we said food groups). A hoppy-er beer than the rest on our list, this one is a perfect balance of hoppy, fruity and sweet.

7. Castle Danger — Castle Cream Ale

Coming hot off the biggest March Madness upset of the year, Castle Danger is the king of Minnesota beer right now. That’s not our opinion, that’s as proven by beer-drinking Minnesotans. One of our favorites is their Castle Cream Ale — a beautiful gold in color, creamy texture, malty aroma with balanced bitterness and smooth, clean finish. This is one killer sessionable beer.

Those are seven beers we suggest to celebrate your National Beer Day, but you’re really welcome to drink whatever you want (as long as it’s craft)!

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