Introduction ๐Ÿ‘‹

Hello! Katie here and I am excited to be writing Ale Adventure’s FIRST ever blog post!

First off, welcome. Thanks for checking out our blog!

Second, here’s a bit of our story and why we decided to start this adventure.

Once upon a time… Adam and I met online and had a whirlwind long distance romance. We got engaged in October of last year with Adam moving to MN last November. I knew early on that Adam wasn’t the biggest beer fan… more of a cider boy (I’m a huge beer fan). Throughout our engagement we started trying new breweries with friends and slowly but surely Adam’s taste for beer grew and blossomed.

Then we GOT MARRIED in July of 2017. Best day ever. I mean, look at us!ย โฌ‡๏ธ

Adam & Katie
Credit: Jennifer Jane Photography

We traveled to Finland and Duluth, MN for our honeymoon and were told to check out Castle Danger Brewing and Bent Paddle Brewingย if we had the chance. Thank goodness we did! Adam and I so enjoyed the brews and venues. I credit those experiences to getting this whole blog idea rolling.

Credit: Katie Rozanas

Since then, Adam and I have found a joy in the community good beer brings. We want our adventures to connect fellow beer lovers and show our support for local breweries.

Sounds fun, eh? Cheers!


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